Artix is a very known NPC. He is the only paladin who can't use light based attacks. He calls his axe The Blinding Light of Destiny because it looks like its glowing due to the massive amount of spirit orbs he collected from the huge amount of undead he destroyed. He also has a a pet pomeranian dog named Daimyo that helps Artix slay the undead. Artix is hated by many beautiful women. Vayle and Gravelyn is an exception.

Artix in Swordhaven.


Artix is cheerful and loves to fight undead. He was the first to fight in the invasion of swordhaven. He is known to have a playful additude when it come to being captured by undead abomninations such as a dracolich.


Artix has brown hair, wears paladin armor, and brown eyes, and wears a red cape. He looks a lot like his creator, Adam Bohn.


Artix usually has the Blinding Light of Destiny equipped, but due to people asking for their own axes, Artix no longer equips it. Instead, he equips the Blade of Awe. In Ebil Dread '09, He was seen wearing a paladin armor with a chainsaw arm.

Artix's player character has the BloD has equipped on his character but his NPC has his blade of awe.