Book of Lore

Book of Lore


This ancient book is ever changing, ever expanding, and filled to the brim with typos, grammatical errors and the occasional food stain. It will aid you in your adventures and grow in power with you.

Use the bookmarks on the left to access different sections.


The adventure of a life time is etched onto these pages with magical ink.

  • The Story


Completing quests and achievements will unlock special badges!


Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

  • Adventurer - Creat a Character and start your adventure in Battleon
  • Elite Newb - Complete the Noobshire quest chain
  • Undead Assault - Complete the Swordhaven quest chain
  • Chew Toy - Complete Pet Shop quest chain in Battleon Town (Aria's Pet Shop)
  • Swamp Guru - Comlete Guru Swamp guest chain
  • Dragon's Bane - Complete vasalkar lair quest chain
  • Living Shadow - Complete Mazumi's Ninja quest chain in Greenguard (West)
  • Bludrut - Complete the Bludrut Keep quest chain
  • Citadel - Complet the Citadel quest chain
  • Up Willow Creek - Complete the Willow Creek quest chain
  • Chaos Witness - Watch the Chaos Intro Cutsene
  • Hydrated - Complete the Mobius quest chain
  • 1st Lord of Chaos - Defeat Escherion in Mobius
  • Campion of Good - Complete King Atleon's quests in Swordhaven
  • Campion of Evil - Complete Gravelyn's quests in Shadowfall
  • Friday13th - Get Voltaire's Autograph at a Friday the 13th Event Rare
  • Level 5 - Get to level 5
  • Level 10 - Get to level 10
  • Level 15 - Get to level 15
  • Level 20 - Get to level 20
  • Level 30 - Get to level 30
  • Level 40 - Get to level 40
  • Hero - Chose to align with Good
  • Villain - Chose to align with Evil
  • Human Vault - Buy 40 Bank Slots
  • Inhuman Vault - Buy 60 Bank slots
  • Super Human Vault - Buy 250 Bank slots
  • Kung Food Fighter - Kung Food Fight at the Harvest Event Rare
  • You Roc! - Defeat the Rock Roc in Roc
  • Vath - Defeat Vath in Stalagbite Volcano
  • Bone Fide - Defeat O-dokuro in O-dokuro
  • Kitsune - Defeat Kitsune in Kitsune (Location)
  • Heros Heart - Complete Jim's quests in Love Rare
  • PTR Tester - Help the AE team test a new AQW engine on the Public Test Realm server Rare
  • Goldenaire - Obtain 1 Million Gold
  • Dracowerepyre - Defeate Dracowerepyre in Chaos Cave
  • Wolfwing - Defeate Wolfwing in Wolfwing (Location)
  • Cysero's Wedding - Help Cysero forge a ring for Nursey at Cysero's WeddingRare
  • Pony Trainer - Defeat Chaos Beast Pony Gary Yellow
  • Khaotic Kimberly - Defeat the Chaos Lord Kimberly
  • Eye Was There! - Particapate in One-Eyed Doll (Live)Rare
  • Lorestockpalooza End! - Reach the end of Lorestockpalooza
  • Stubborn - Go Right 100 times in room 3 of Twig's Nightmere in the August 2010 Friday the 13th
  • Mana Golem - Defeat the Mana Golem in Ruin of Great Gilaed
  • Ledgermayne - Defeat Ledgermayne in Para-Elemental Plane
  • Ctrl Alt Del - Recover Ethans Crown in GameHaven
  • Spaced Out - Buy 75 bag slots
  • Maxed Out - Buy ALL bag slots
  • Nythera's Wedding - Complete the "Test of the Suitor" in Void TempleRare
  • Chaos Sphinx - Defeat the Chaos Sphinx in Sand Castle
  • Tibicenas - Defeat Chaos Lord Tibicenas in the Djinn Realm
  • Fear Chaser - Help Ayi Jihu defeat Fear at the Consert
  • Reinforced - Defeat 100 undead in room 4 of DoomWood Foret
  • Moglin Punter - Score a 100 in Punt Twilly Rare
  • Stone Cold - Free the Stone Paladin Guardian from his imprisonment
  • Dragon Hero - Upgrade within 72 hours of account creation, Unlocks Dragon Hero Shop
  • Axe Master - Purchase at least 3 months of membership to unlock this badge. Also unlocks the 3 Month Member Shop
  • Chaos Shaper - Purchase at least 15 months of membership to unlock this badge. Also unlocks the 15 Month Member Shop
  • VIP - Awarded to anyone who has supported AQW with a 12 month membership since July 21st, 2011, or had an active year membership at the time. Also unlocks the VIP Upgrade Shop
  • Arc Attack - Awarded to those who helped the band ArcAttack test their shocking musical experiments on Vordred (Mnster)


Beta - You Helped test AQWorlds (Unlocks Beta Shop (Book of Lore) Rare


Founders - You are a Founder in AQWorlds!Rare

First Upholder - You were in AQWorlds first birthday!Rare

Second Upholder - You were in AQworlds second birthday!Rare

Beta Char: Beta Character - You earned this badge for creating your character during AQ Worlds beta testing phase! Rare


This area is for showing off your involvement in all our crazy games and stuff!

  • Chuckles
  • AdventureQuest Guadian
  • DragonFable DragonLord
  • MechQuest Star Captian
  • MechQest Art Book
  • Deady Shop
  • Voltaire House items Shop
  • Chicken Cow Shop
  • Green Guitar Shop
  • Year of the Moglin
  • The Dragon's Secret Shop
  • ED Shirt Shop
  • Card Clasher Shop
  • Card House Shop
  • Deady Big in Japan Shop
  • Deady Urkor Malravenous Shop


All the events that happened in the world of Lore are recorded here. Note: These are cutscenes.

  • Chaos Twins
  • The Plan
  • Levitation
  • Cysero and Warlic
  • Teleport
  • Golden Onslaught
  • Great Escape
  • Battle at Mount Frost
  • To the Mirror Realm
  • Enter Battleoff
  • Warlic's Science Shop
  • Lightovia
  • Queen of Werewolves
  • Nugget Man
  • Alteon's Champion
  • Undead Artix Defeated
  • Birthday Finale


  • Amongst your belongings
  • Newbie Rare
  • Wedding Rare