Mrs. Cronner, also known as Farmer is the mother of Issac Cronner and a mentioned husband.

Talking Edit

  • Farmer: Who are you?
  • You: The Cauldron Sisters sent me to find you.
  • Farmer: OH NO! The harvest!
  • You: It's OK. You have time. Rest and get your strenght back.
  • Farmer: What.... happened to us?
  • You: Why don't I let your kids explain that?
  • EYE-sac: MOM!?
  • Farmer: Issac Bullfinch Cronner! Were you trying to take over the world by way of *chaos-infected candy corn AGAIN?!
  • EYE-sac: NO, MOM! I PROMISE!
  • Farmer: Just wait until your father gets his strength back!