Location Yulgar-- Yulgar's Inn

Barbed Horror: 750 Gold:

Broad Sword: 2,000 Gold:

Crude Short Sword: 5,000 Gold:

Defalt Sword: 0 Gold/100 Gold:

Dexterous Blade: 5,000 Gold:

Dragon Saw: 750 Gold:

Falchion: 2,000 Gold:

Genesis Sword: 5,000 Gold:

Rapier: 10,000 Gold:

Scimitar: 1,800 Gold:

Shamshir: 2,000 Gold:

Sun Saber: 50,000 Gold:

Venom Head: 750 Gold:

Kama: 5,000 Gold:

Brawler Dagger: 45,000 Gold:

Brutal Dagger: 3,000 Gold:

Curved Dagger: 3,000 Gold:

Scissors: 500 Gold:

Colt Revolver: 200,000 Gold:

Battle Baton: 1,000 Gold:

Grumpy Hammer: 40,000 Gold:

Hunting Spear: 1,000 Gold:

Iron Spear: 8,000 Gold:

Beacon Staff: 5,000 Gold:

Staff of Pestilence: 15,000 Gold:

Blacksmith Apprentice: 2,500 Gold:

Bowler Hat: 1,000 Gold:

Boy Glasses: 200 Gold:

Boy Goggles: 200 Gold:

Cat Ears: 1,000 Gold:

Flight Goggles: 1,000 Gold

Girly Glasses: 200 Gold:

Girly Goggles: 200 Gold:

Healer's Cowl: 500 Gold:

Mage's Hood: 5,000 Gold:

Metal Greek Corinthian: 5,000 Gold:

Metal Head: 5,000 Gold:

Odanata helm: 1,250 Gold:

Priest's Hood: 1,250 Gold:

Rabbit Ears: 1,000 Gold:

Scarecrow Hat: 1,000 Gold:

Steel Skull Mask: 10,000 Gold:

Templar's Helm of Light: 20,000 Gold:

Tiara: 1,000 Gold:

Blood Cloak: 100,000 Gold:

Blue Scraf: 1,000 Gold:

Dark Floating Wings: 1,000 Gold:

Dark Scarf: 1,000 Gold:

Long Red Scarf: 1,000 Gold:

Red Parrot: 25,000 Gold:

Samurai Banner: 1,000 Gold:

White Feather Wings: 100,000 Gold:

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