An example of a Paladin

'Paladins' are undead slaying knights that heal the good. Those who become Paladins are entrusted with the respect of King Alteon and God. They are knights that can use light based attacks, healing enchantments, and carry light based weapons. Artix is the only paladin alive that can't use light attacks or healing goods. He slays the undead and frees the spirit orb within. That is how he got his Blinding Light of Destiny really gold and shiny. They reside in Lightguard Keep, protecting Battleon from Doomwood


Auto Attack:

Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers

Effect: Continuously attacks opponents until their dead

MP Cost: 0

Prerequisites: Rank 1

Recharge Time: 1 second


Description: A quick strike dealing weapon damage plus magical damage. Also grants Zeal, allowing mana regeneration when dealing or recieveing damage for 10 seconds.

MP Cost: 20

Prerequisites: Rank 1

Recharge Time: 2 seconds

Healing Word

Description: Heals up to two friendly players

MP Cost: 25

Prerequisites: Rank 2

Recharge Time: 6 seconds


Description: Magical. A light based damage attack, works well on undead enemies

MP Cost: 15

Prerequisites: Rank 3

Recharge Time: 6 seconds

Blinding Light:

Description: (Physical/Magical) Deals damage to all enmies in range

MP Cost: 40

Prerequisites: Rank 5

Recharge Time: 7 seconds

Passive SkillsEdit

All unlocked at Rank 4

Noble Mark: Passive Ability: Endurance increased 15 %

Contemplative: Passive Ability: Critical chance increased by 5% Unlocked: Rank 10

Ultimate Heal: Passive Ability: Fully heals all targets on screen. Note: Small chance to activate on a melee swing.