Evil Capital

The stronghold of the Shadowscythe Empire. Ruled by Gravelyn, daughter of the infamous DoomKnight Sepulchure.

Monsters: None


  • Cleric Casca'de
  • Dage The Evil
  • Dusk
  • Gravelyn
  • Skeleton
  • Shadow Fall Skeleton Shop Keeper


  • AC Doomnight Shop
  • Undead Warrior Shop
  • Undead Legion Shop
  • Doomnight Shop
  • Evil Shop
  • Evil Reputation Shop
  • Evil Contract Shop
  • Undead Legion Merge Shop


  • Dage The Evils Quests
  • Gravelyn's Quests
  • Gravelyn's Evil Quests

Map Name: Shadowfall

Room Limit: 6

Access Points:

  • Book of Lore
  • Story Button in Battleon
  • /join Shadowfall

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