This is the story of AQWorlds

Chapter 1Edit

Swordhaven under fireEdit

Swordhaven was invaded, later Artix tries to free swordhaven. King Alteon sends his army out but only makes stuff worse because the army turns to undead.

Swordhaven under fire.

The end?Edit

Your hero arrives to save the day and completes Artix's quests. Drakath establashes the 3rd side aka.CHAOS and kills Sepulchere.

Chapter 2Edit


Choas cryptEdit

Your hero is sent to get sepulchere's armor and free the five knights from chaos.

Forest exploringEdit

You go into a forest to research the effects on chaos wolves. Your hero captures 7 chaos wolves and finds out wolves get stronger when infected by chaos.


Drakath's destructionEdit

Drakath breaks out of the castle and blasts the evil kingdom which is later reanamed Shadowfall. Your hero/villian arrives to help.

Repair Shadowfall!Edit

Gravelyn gives your villian a task to get money fron the royal task collecter's bank. You retrive 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillon) gold. Gravelyn repairs Shadowfall with the money.

Chiral ValleyEdit

1st lord of chaosEdit

Eschercion invades Mobius. Otto and Anna find the first piece of the runix cube.

1st lord of chaos.

Your hero arrivesEdit

Your hero/villian arrives to save the citizens of Mobius. Anna and Otto give you the first piece of the runix cube.