180px-Lady Vayle

Vayle with her cloak off.


Vayle with her cloak on.

Vayle is a well known Necromantress. She hates Artix because of what he did in Dragonfable. Artix destroyed her brother Edgar, resulting in Vayle dedicating her whole life in necromancy just to bring him back. After the Battle of Vordred, Vayle was about to kill Artix. But before she can do that, Artix revealed a Sprit Orb that was actually Edgar. But now Vayle hates him even more after that incident.


Vayle wears a purple cloak with a hood that she wraps around herself with, completely insposing her body. Under her cloak, as shown in Dragonfable, she has pale skin and wears gothic maid clothes. She also has red armlets and a necklet. The most inhumane part on her is her wings she got from the Orb of Darkness. Vayle with her cloak/hood on has purple eyes.


Vayle can be mean alot but most of the times she has an easy going attitude. She is now creating her own necromantic army to try to avenge Edgar. Honestly, Vayle is a good person but most call her evil. She used to date Zorbak.


Vayle specializes with necromancy. She was taught under Noxus.