Location: Warlic - Battleon Town

Cat Morph: Members Only: 4,000 Gold

Ghoule Curese: 20,000 Gold

Green Draconian: Members Only: 25,000 Gold

Green Draconian Head: Members Only: 10,000 Gold

Horc Grunt: 5,000 Gold

Horc Head Morph: 2,000 Gold

Iron Bones: Members Only: 750,000 Gold

Mystic's Hood: 2,000 Gold

Rabbit Morph: Members Only: 4,000 Gold

savage Hare Morph 09: Rare: 25,000 Gold

Scarecrow Face: 5,000 Gold

Undead Horend Helm: 50,000 Gold

Undead Moglin Pet: Members Only: 60,000 Gold

Zardman: Members Only: 10,000 Gold

Zardman Head: Members Only: 10,000 Gold

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